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    Web Development

    Although these blogs aren’t in any specific order, we’ve tried to indicate which topics each one focuses on. Pick your favorites based on the brief descriptions below, or take a look throu

    In the world of web development, those who become experts usually do so by learning from their predecessors. Reading and following the right web development blogs makes it much easier to get a solid education. That’s why in this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top web development blogs that will help you find your footing and acquire essential skills in modern web dev.

    1. Codrops- 
    Features blogs with topics ranging from UI design and page animations to image formatting and general JavaScript practices. It also includes a handy CSS reference, a web development experiment playground, tutorials, blueprints to get started from and Collective – a digital design magazine that makes it easy to keep up with trends.

    2. HTML5- 
    Doctor covers many of the features and topics that you might have missed when moving from HTML to HTML5. It also has a helpful element index that’s worth investigating in and of itself.

    3. CSS- 
    Tricks goes beyond merely teaching you how to style pages. Its videos and blog articles address issues such as web performance, extensible component development and the intersection of CSS with other technologies, like HTML and JavaScript. Check out the Almanac for CSS property and selector-specific insights, or dive straight into the Snippets to grab some reusable code.

    4. Superhero.JS- 
    Features collected articles that concentrate on what makes JavaScript work and what doesn’t. It’s an effective resource regardless of whether you’re just getting started with the language or trying to further your understanding of issues like front-end security and upcoming ECMAScript standards.