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Electricity can transform people's lives,
not just economically but also socially.

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Energy Solutions

Energy efficiency programs continue to expand across the nation with utilities often playing the central role in delivering programs. This expansion challenges utilities to deliver more energy savings more efficiently. A robust information technology platform can play a significant role in a utility’s success in delivering cost-effective energy efficiency program portfolios.
Effective information technology platforms can impact energy efficiency program delivery significantly by providing timely, accurate data that can be used for program management and regulatory requirements, among others.

  • Support Regulatory Requirements

  • Management and Evaluation

  • Competitive advantage

  • Reduced environmental impact

Energy Solutions

  • Energy Management

  • Maintenance Management

  • Multi-user and Admin Management

  • Reports and Alerts

  • Billing and Collections

  • Expense Management

  • Employee Management

  • Location Tracking

  • Job alocation

  • Reports and Alerts

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Creative thinking

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